Vintage steel

How wicked is this vintage Powerlite cruiser?!

I KNOW right? Check out that red alloy headset, and the Bullseye hubs. How about some Tioga Comp II tires? Not Comp III’s, Comp II’s! Bonus points for being period correct. In fact everything on this bike is period correct, except for the red Terrycable brand brake cables, which didn’t come out til this bike was old news. Still, they look great, and they were the best cables I have ever felt. Those handlebars are aluminum, which saved a ton of weight, but you wouldn’t want to do any serious thrashing with them. Rounding out the tricked out parts selection are some Oakley .5 grips. Similar models are going for up to $150 on ebay

Someone put a lot of love into this one. RESPECT!

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One thought on “Vintage steel

  1. Yes, a real gem! I love those red tires. Really so pretty you don’t want to use it, expt. on very clean roads…

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