JumpJam 08 iReport with bonus XC stuff

Met up with Graham at Central Park(GA) to do a few laps of the XC course and check out the Jump Jam. Man, it was so windy. Almost too windy. We started off with a solid loop, skipping the Jump Jam action so we could get the days mileage kicked off. Central Park is not a very technical trail. Parts of it remind me of a monorail because you are going way fast on a strip of trail about 6″ wide thats cut into a hillside…you sort of surf the hillside contour. Once you get back in the woods, there are a few cool drop-off jumps, but other than that its pretty tame. You pop out of the woods, do some switchbacks on a gravel road, then cruise past the freeride area to the one tough climb of the whole loop. Once you pass the tough climb, you are sort of on top of this big hill, with singletrack meandering in a big sort of spiral. It was here that we encountered these things:

Now, you may like the futuristic alien-esque look of this thing, but please note that the entire thing is composed of razor sharp stickers…even the head! These things were out in force on both sides of the trail, blowing in the wind, right into your arms and shins as you went past. Hurt like hell. But we pushed on and finished the loop.

Next time through we stopped to take in the JumpJam action.

SICK air! Reality Bikes was hosting the event, and I am kicking myself or not entering the raffle. Even though the event was fairly well attended, the raffle was a great deal because hey gave away SO many prizes. I think everyone there except me and Graham got something. Not cheapo prizes either, they were giving away helmets, tires, shirts and someone even walked with a brand new Jamis bike!

There was much style going on throughout the freeride area, but without a doubt the this kid stole the show:

He was clearing the same gaps as the big guys on his 16″ Hummer pit bike! Seriously, this little guy was so rad. He would pedal til he was totally geared out and then just rinse solid air. Lip to lip that is about an 8 foot gap he is clearing here. SICKNESS.

Graham and I continued on the XC trail after each break watching the JumpJam. Things got pretty wicked when the wind would let the guys get a decent run.

Since we were riding ourselves, I didn’t do the full iReport style dealie and get the riders names and such. Here is an unknown rider going big with a tire grabber air:

…and of course, it wouldn’t be a JumpJam without someone doing a flip:

Yes, he landed it! The whole crowd gasps if anyone does a flip, and this scene was no different.

We eventually kept plugging on and finished 4 laps of the XC trail. After our 3rd lap, it was really windy, and the JumpJam folks seemed to be packing up to leave. All in all it was a great day of riding, and of course I came away from it wanting a dirt jumping bike so I can go out and break my neck.

Time Moving: 1hr 47min 4sec
Distance: 14.14 miles
Average Speed: 7.9mph
Max Speed: 22.7 mph

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