Faster Mustache 3yr and beer fest

Saturday Mershon, Graham and I met up to head over to the East Atlanta Beer Fest, then to the Faster Mustache 3yr party at Lennys. This was mine and Grahams second time at the beer fest, Mershons maiden voyage. We rode the bikes from Oakhurst to the venue, and ran into Hodge from Addictive Cycles just as we were pulling up.

Once we were inside I told mershon to snap a pic of the spot-a-pots, because it would be the last time we saw them empty all day.

The fest got crowded pretty quick. I had a strategy of pacing myself this year so I wouldn’t get too trashed. To help aid the pacing, I also decided that instead of just finishing off brews I tried that I didn’t like, I would just pour them out. Only about 3 got dumped the whole day. By an hour into it I was feeling pretty happy.

Last time I was at the fest, a beer called Pranqster was my fave of the day. This time around it was Tommy Knocker Butt Head from Colorado, which I found to be sort of sweet. At some point we ran into this person/marketing:

I was drunk enough, but I didn’t dare. Their booth looked like it was doing brisk business all day though.

Remember that nice empty line for the bathrooms? Here is the line by about 3:30:

At a certain point, the heat and the sun and the drunkfacedness started to be a bit much, so we took a break and headed over to SOPO so Hodge and Mershon could check it out since they had never been there. Mershon used to work with me at Golden Ring Bicycle back in Baltimore, so I knew he would dig it. Hodge dug in immediately and started wrenching.

WE just so happened to ander into SOPO at the same time Congressman John Lewis was touring the joint. I felt a little weird shaking hands with him while I was drunkface, but he didn’t seem to care.

While we were at SOPO, this awesome tool management category caught our eye so Mershon grabbed a shot:

Magical mystical!

Things started to wind down at the fest…Graham had bailed to get out of the sun for a while, so Mershon, Hodge and I had to brave it over to Lennys on our own.

The FM party stated off with qualifying heats of the indoor spring racing which was pretty rad.

The rollers were hooked up to a computer which measured the times and projected the feed in real time up onto the wall.

It was pretty funny sometimes because there were a lot of false starts due to some computer glitches. The winner on the night would walk with a sweet Kazane frame, so everyone competing took it pretty serious once the timing started. There were more than a few folks who upchucked after their runs. It looked like the longest 30 seconds of some folks lives when they were up there, but everyone was having a blast. The later it got, the more the crowd got into it. The projection display had a graph that basically turned it into a bicycle drag race.

Graham had caught up with us at Lennys, but him and Mershon bailed after about an hour or so. I think I was the only one of our crew who kept drinking once we got to Lennys. Met Eddie and Namrita O’Dea, who were super cool. I was also able to finally match some names with some faces from the FM bunch. The racing continued with music/bandbreaks between each round. Hodge was down for the count after some of his sprints…

I met a bunch of cool folks from Extraordinary Contraptions who were kind enough to let me sit at their table, since chairs outside were hard to be found the later it got. It wasn’t quite midnite yet when Hodge finally decided he had had enough and wanted to head back. I had said I would give him a ride to the Marta where he parked, so we rode back to Grahams hut. The ride back was one of the most fun parts of the whole day…it had cooled off nicely and there was very little traffic, so we were able to keep the momentum going. As soon as we pulled into Grahams, Hodge flatted.

Overall, a great time. Bikey fun, new friends, old fiends, got a few miles in, and didn’t ever get so drunkface that I started trying to wear non-hat things as hats, which is when you know I have had a little too much. Count me in for next year.

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2 thoughts on “Faster Mustache 3yr and beer fest

  1. rachael says:

    Hey! That’s where the bottom bracket tool went! It gets mistaken for a free wheel tool pretty often. Thanks for the write up, Bobble!

  2. Ben says:

    I love the expression on Miguel’s face.

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