standard GCT + overspray

Not much to report…I’ve been kind of lethargic with the recent heat. I did manage to head over to GCT for my standard 2 looper. This was the first ride after doing the spoke replacement repair on the rear wheel, so I didn’t go too hard…I kind of like to let the wheel settle in a bit after messing with spokes.

One thing that’s kind of funny…there was some spray painting going on in the workshop where I keep my ‘Goose, so it’s covered with off-white overspray. I’m not too bugged out about it, because the mountain bike gets covered with dust and dirt anyway. If it would have been my fixed gear I prolly would have freaked out. Today I tried to scrub off the paint, but it isn’t going to come off of the plastic parts. Most of the metal parts cleaned up fairly well.

Time Moving: 57min 11sec
Distance: 7.88miles
Average Speed: 8.2mph
Max Speed: 20.4mph

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