CW hot mess

Okay here we have one hot mess.

When freestyle started to take off, the BMX bike manufacturers were forced to respond quickly so they could capitalize on the burgeoning trend. The downside of this was a short era of bandwagoning where the factories were churning out anything they could to not miss the boat. The result was a ton of frames slapped with the “freestyle” moniker that were actually just racing frames with a few extra tubes added on for good measure. The CW Freestyler is one of the more tame from that group.

Basically, this is their standard racing frame, with a standing platform attached to the top tube/seat stays, and some threaded holes for pegs added to the chain stays and forks. This is not a factory stock version of the bike.

Heres are a couple of notes about this build:

>the Dia-Compe brake levers feature a locking mechanism that allows a rider to lock the brakes on, to facilitate removing hands during balance tricks of that era
>ACS Boa brakes were an excellent brake set which featured precision bearings on the pivot which made them wicked smooth
>Perigrine mags were pretty much Skyway clones with a bit of offset between the spokes and the center of the hub
>ACS Rotor cable detangler was pretty much always a useless pile of junk, due to having to raise your stem up to silly heights in order to install it.
>I doubt that this is an actual original Redline Forklifter stem, but the knock off keeps it period correct.
>plastic pedals look like the desperation parts add of this build. Would have ben better off to go with some white pedals so a better model could have been used.
>imitation Tioga Compe III tires (you can tell by the white sidewall)

I see what the builder was going for on this one. Since it isn’t one of the more in demand framesets, there really wasn’t a need to go all out with the parts selection.


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