Duncan Creek Skatepark

Okay so I think I have found a way to beat my biking burnout. Today  ventured over to the brand spanking new Duncan Creek Park skate area, which is like 3 miles from my hut. I took the trip over to see if anyone was riding bikes there, because the Rules and Regulations online say NO BIKES. They also say that in order to skate you have to wear knee+elbow pads, wrist gaurds, and a helmet.

When I got there I saw every single one of these rules being broken. It was a typical public park session, with everything from shirtless underage cigarette smoking teens to little kids on razor scooters. There were a couple of hottie Jawns hanging out Bettying as well, for which I give the place bonus points.

Yes there were a couple of bikes there too! So I think I am going to take a break from the regular trail riding that I have been doing and dive in to hitting the park for a while. I mean, I love to jump, and I just got a clunker GT BMX bike that I can thrash with reckless abandon. I only hope I don’t end up in the hospital.

My plan is to go waaaaay early in the mornings before anyone is there, so I can re-acclimate myself to this style of riding. I’m going to take the mtn bike AND the bmx bike. Once I get a feel for some good lines and don’t sketch out I’ll maybe hang when the place starts to fill up a bit…


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