Critical Mass called a Bike Gang by CNN

Here is a screenshot from the current CNN website front page. The i-Report that was submitted regarding Critical Mass being broken up by the APD made it to the front page, but CNN has sensationalized it by calling the Mass a BIKE GANG.Second from bottom in photo…

SERIOUSLY? CNN, you are fired.


3 thoughts on “Critical Mass called a Bike Gang by CNN

  1. […] Apparently, Atlanta Police broke up the most recent Critical Mass. I promise that Critical Mass is far from being any sort of bike gang. I’ve ridden with the Atlanta folks, and it’s just about riding bikes in a group and raising awareness about cyclists. In a town like Atlanta, where a lot of motorists would rather run you down than slow down, groups like CM face a lot of disdain from drivers, and it sounds like from the APD, too. Check out Ride bikes for a screenshot of the headline and Robert’s take on the news. […]

  2. Becky says:

    That is crazytalk! I posted this to SuperCute!, too. It’s hard enough riding bikes in this town. Now folks riding together is a gang?

  3. robertashton says:

    Oh I am aware of what Critical Mass is, I rode in my first one in April. I made this post because CNN can suck it for sensationalizing the headline, which is par for the course for them. Their web version is one step above National Enquirer IMO…

    I’m interested to see how the next CM goes…

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