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You know what, I am just going to have to come right out and say it. I kind of don’t care about Le Tour this year. The sad thing is, I know it has everything to do with not being able to see it on TV. Oh well, maybe next year. I’ll prolly dig around and find some footage of the mountain stages whe they get to them or something. Or something…

Meanwhile, my interests have taken a wild tangent that I am really digging. After taking my mountain bike to the skatepark a few times and realizing that riding it there was far from impossible, I kind of figured that there HAD to be some other folks who were thinking the same way. Sure enough, just a few pages into te latest issue of Mountain Biking UK, there is an ad for identiti bikes with a picture of some guy riding the vert portion of a park! In fact, the whole magazine is filled with pics of folks who are more interested in tricks and style on their 26″ wheeled bikes than they are in logging epic miles and wearing spandex rainbow colored advertisements. Not to take anything away from the mileage crowd…but for me it started to get a bit boring. I’ll probably be focusing mainly on park riding for a while…

One of he most interesting things about Mountain Biking UK magazine, is the ads for bikes we just aren’t seeing in shops here in the states. There are soooo many manufacturers who are making park + dirt jump specific bikes! One thing I had wondered was exactly how close these ‘mountain bikes” were going to get to thier BMX brethren, and the answer is …pretty freakin close. I am seeing some 26″ wheel park/dirt riders going with rigid forks now, which was sure to happen, and of course not a lot of them are using gears. The best of both worlds seems to be the “slopestyle” bikes, which still have suspension and gears, but have geometry that lends to tricks and air time.There seems to be a litle trend for folks to run 24″ wheels sort of peeking through also. Smaller bikes = more manuverability, but larger wheels = easier to roll over obstacles/lips etc…

I think I would kind of love to have one of these:

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