helmet meltdown

I had mentioned a fw posts back that I had a -problem- with my current helmet. Here are the pics and an explaination:

As you can see the plastic cover has melted and shrunk! The cover used to be flush with the trim tape which goes all the way around the helmet. Most likely this is the result of the helmet being kept in my car in the hot southeast sun…some sort of thermoplastic shrinkage problem. I keep the helmet in the car so that I -always- have it with me, that way I never have use the “i forgot my helmet” excuse. I guess that isn’t such a good idea eh? Fortunately this is a Bell / Wal-Mart $20 special and not a super high tech expensive model.

I wonder if Bell would give me a relacement under warranty. Maybe I should write them and ask hahaha.

In other safety equipment news, I am actively looking into some knee/shin and elbow pads for use a the park.


One thought on “helmet meltdown

  1. Chadd Biehler says:

    i stored my helmet in my car as well…until yesterday.

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