park rash update

Well, as is par for the course with a road rash type injury, it looks worse now than it did when it happend. I have found (the hard way) that scraping/abrasion cuts tend to take about 6 hours or so to -develop-, as if they are some kind of photographic film or something. Following the initial development phase, there is the -expels a large amount of heat and makes it hard to sleep because you cannot find a position where it isn’t touching something- phase.

By day three the wound is pretty solid. About a week will go by before the -man this doesn’t hurt anymore, but it freakin itches and I can’t stop picking at it- stage.

I slept pretty much all day and into the night after cleaning the wound. Man, the peroxide BURNED when I put it on, but I think I am going to benefit from using it right away rather than waiting like I did last year. I just KNEW I wasn’t going to make it through the whole yar without getting hurt. Thankfully this isn’t really a bad injury,…more like an annoying one. I want to wear my old school Rector skateboard pads when I go to the park but I can’t find them. I was telling some dude at the park about the pads and how I haven’t even scuffed the bright white plastic cups, and he told me that there is a big market for retro skateboard safety gear on e-bay. I’m not married to those pads at all, and I’d sell them in a sec for something more modern…


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