ride update

I meet a lot of church people at the skatepark. A lot of the church people are roller-bladers.

Today I had a pretty good session. I learned to drop in (roll in?) the opposite way at pretty much every location on the small bowl area, which opened up a ton of new lines for me. It also allows me to now link together some lines into longer runs, which is freakin awesome. It’s not like I am doing a bunch of highly technical tricks or anything, so stringing together lines is a great way to amp up the fun.

Over on the bigger bowl I am still wussing out on dropping in, even though I am pretty sure I will pull it off with no problem. I can pop out o flat now, which I learned after just two tries, but I did toast my big ring trying it while going too slow, which I posted a pic of the other day. My airs are getting a little higher too, but still not high. I know my front and back tires are both coming over the top of the coping, but only every once in a while do they both come over at the same time..which is when I hit the brakes before hitting the next wall. I’m just scared to go really big…but I’m taking my time and building up slow.

I noticed that the rear section of the bike was feeling really sketchy, so I inspected the linkage and found that the lower joint for the rear triangle, down by the bottom bracket, is eaither extremely loose of broken. Lets hope for loose okay? I don’t know if I am going to be able to tighten it up properly without removing the crank arm, which means I may have to make a trip to Addictive Cycles. I need to stop through there anyway just because.

Some kid was riding a unicycle all over the skatepark today. He was actually pretty good. I kind of want to kill all the little kids on razor scooters who just get in the way constantly though.

I’m having fun on the bike, and thats my favorite thing in the world.


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