‘Goose troubles

I cracked my Mongoose frame. The crack is in two places on the same cross brace right by the bottom bracket by across the chain stays. I had thought that the pivot bearings about a half inch away from that locaton were loose, but when I went to tighten them last night they were tight. This morning when I was taking the bike off the car rack I wobbled the rear triangle back and forth again trying to find the culprit for the loose feeling I had started experiencing yesterday, and it was then that I saw the cracks.

Now I have to play the warranty game with Mongoose and Performance. Performance better not give me any crap about the warranty isue or I am going to have to rain the pain on someone. They don’t know I have used the bike in a skatepark, which would be their only excuse to not replace the rear triangle. I am thinking that if they do allow me to get a replacement under warranty, it isn’t exactly going to be a speedy process.

Blah. Kinda bummed out man.

Maybe SOPO has some cheapo alloy wheels for BMX so I can get my GT running. Maybe this whole thing happened because I am being urged toward 20″ bikes again by the skatepark dieties. I have een appeasing them every time I go by picking up trash around the park…there is a lot of karmic energy required to ride the park and not hurt yourself.

Obviously I am losing my mind being stuck inside today when I would rather be riding.

Pics of cracks later…right now just blahsville.

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2 thoughts on “‘Goose troubles

  1. Chadd Biehler says:

    Performance has been great about returns due to mechanical failure in my experience. I returned some busted ass SPD pedals after riding them for 6 weeks. No questions asked, i even got to upgrade to Crank Bros and due to a sale at the time didnt spend any extra skrizz for them. I returned something else too, seems to have escaped me at the moment.

  2. robertashton says:

    I’m glad you told me this because I was ready to not even try Performance and just find a welder hat could fix it for me, which wouldn’t be easy because not a lot of places weld aluminum…but I took it out to the Performance I got it from and the mechanic and manager gave me the indication that it shouldn’t be an problem to get a replacement. In fact, they kept talking about “well, it may be an 08 frame if thats okay”, which would be awesome especially if it comes with the shock. The new rear shock for 08 is ay nicer than the one I have now

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