blowout comb

This morning I took the old busted ass GT Performer over to the skatepark to give the 20″ / BMX thing a try. It has been at least 15 years since I have bem on a BMX. I sawed off the seatpost so it would have a straight section and adjusted it really low. While I was installing a tube in the front wheel, I noticed a place where the wire bead had seperated from the sidewall of the tire which must have ben why it blew out last time. I figured I could get away with riding a little bit so long as I didn’t inflate the tire quite as much as last time.

Everything started out fine, in fact kind of fun even. Then after a few people arrived at the bowl, I was cruising across he flat heading for a wall when the front tire blew and I hit the ground, scraping up my OTHER leg with park rash, AND banging my head against the ground. I had JUST went to the car to get the helmet so luckliy I didn’t get hurt when my head hit.

I think I am going on the disabled list for a while…before I kill myself trying to have fun hahahaha

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