broken Mongoose frame update

Took my 07 Otero Super out to the Performance I bought it from, which is a zillion miles away from my house. The whole way there I rehearsed the scenarios I expected to be met with when I rolled in and said I expected the cracked frame to be under warranty, but it turned out way different than I thought. The mechanic I talked to seemed to agree with me, and gave the impression that getting it fixed would be no problem. He said “uh, they may send you an 08 frame if they don’t have any 07 left, is that okay?”. I told him I’d be happy with them just replacing the actial section of the rear triangle that was damaged, OR a new frame…whatever. Secretely though I am hoping they send out an 08 frameset because I am pretty sure it will come with the front and rear triangles already connected with a shock that is a big upgrade to the one that came on the 07. As long as it gets fixed (for free) though I will be happy. Just as I was leaving the manager of the srevice dept came out to take a look at it, and couldn’t really dispute that there was indeed a warranty issue. I cleaned up the bike and straightened the big ring before I took it in. I can’t believe I was able to get that big ring straightened out…I did some serious bike mechanic ninja stuff to pull that one off. Tools used: two ball pen hammers and a bench grinder….yeah, a bench grinder.

So, now its a waiting game. They are supposed to call me after they fax of the paperwork to Mongoose and let me know what the situation is. The mechanic gave me the impression that warranty repairs get taken care of pretty easily these days, so I hope it works out well.

IN PAIN NEWS, its probably a good thing that I don’t have any bikes I can go to the skatepark with at the moment. I’m pretty battered. Turns out in addition to the throbbing painful road rash I got from thios mornings fall, I also actually banged my knee up pretty bad…more in a bruised and swolen way than a cut and bleeding way. Somehow I also did something to my let hand pinky finger, which is hard to bend.


IN TV NEWS, I caught the CBS network coverage of Le Tour today, which was pretty much Le Snoozefest. I was really hoping that the summarization montages would get me hyped about the race, but the pieces were just not that good. I miss being able to watch the stages on Versus. Blah

IN MORE TV NEWS, I caught the Ohio stage of Mountain Dew Action Sports tour BMX park contest today, which was the absolute rinse. Mike Spinner pulled a QUADRUPLE TAILWHIP over a 14′ box jump. Absolutely sick. Then some due was trying to 900 or 1080 the same box from the other direction…first trick of his run…and he hit hard and smackd his face against the transistion. There was blood, and the medical personel had to help him off.

You guys are going to watch someone die on live TV at X-Games right? July 31 the coverage starts…fire up the TIVO and record snuff film history.

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