park morning and clear juice

Yesterday I headed over to Addictive Cycles to pick up a tube for the ol GT Performer. While I was there Hodge sorted me out with an ancient used tire…in fact he handed me the whole wheel from some repair they must have done a zillion years ago…it was some sort of metal mag wheel! Crazy. I also got some new grips for the bike since the ones that were on there has ceasd to be a solid and were in some sort of gelatinous state…seriously. Sometime yesterday afternoon I got all this new stuff installed…

This morning I hit the park to “just scoot around and not do anything crazy”, which is actually exactly what happened. I did manage to finally drop in at the small non vert area…or ride in. I guess they call it dropping in, but to me riding parallel with the deck and sort of bunnyhopping in on an angle is different than dropping in. I guess thats because I come rom the 1779-1988 school of bmx trics or something. Bob Haro FTW2008!

While I was at the bowl, a quadruple of high school age kids meandered through the park, obviously on their way home from a night of being up to no good. They all wanted to try my bike, so I let ’em. They quickly realized that it wasn’t as easy as it looked, but not before a few of them almost had some epic crashes. I only stayed for an hour, then came home to get ready for class.

I’m nowhere near ready to start trying tricks and such yet on the BMX. It feels SO small and sketchy. Also, I am still healing from my last wreck. When I say healing, I mean hat I still have a wound on my leg that didn’t quite break the skin enough to make iot bleed proper, so it just oozes this clear fluid which I suppose would be the stuff in the blod hat would make it coagulate. Plasma maybe? I dunno. It’s kind of gross. It does dry up, but since the non scab is like 8 inches long down my leg, it constantly keeps getting re-opened as the skin flexes. Wonderful.

I had fun at the park though, and it helped me get rid of al the stress school is causing me this quater.

Oh yeah, I think I am pretty much done with BSNYC. I’m done with smarm in general.

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