Tour De Missed It wrap up post + other news

Well, I pretty much fully missed Le Tour this year. I’m going to try and make sure that doesn’t happen again. Over the years I have really grown to like watching it…so much so that I followed fairly close this year by reading the paper, but didn’t follow every day. I could have easily looked at the internet to get news on every stage, but that isn’t neccesarily what I like about the tour. It isn’t just about results to me. I like to SEE the action…and in particular I like to SEE the countryside. Watching the bikes go across rural France is just beautiful. The overhead shots have done wonders for making that race stimulate my imagination. I can’t help but think…”Wow, we have rolling country roads like that within 2 miles of my house!”. Then reality kicks in and I remember that traveling down those roads by my house are a zillion battered F-150 driving corn-fed 2% milk drinking rednecks who fuck their own sisters, that like to run road bikers off into a ditch for fun. Poof…the dream disappears.

In other news, I haven’t checked on the status of my mountain bike frame repair. I figured I would let an appropriate amount of time pass before I start riding the shop. Even though it sounds kind of crazy, I sort of earmarked a month to get the job taken care of. Sometimes shops have to do a little arm twisting to get warranty parts shipped, and even then, the manufacturer is usually in no hurry. I hope this all goes smoothly. If for some reason they decided NOT to warranty the frame, and DID NOT call me to let me know, I will rain hellfire down on them. I won’t be so mad that the thing isn’t covered…but I WILL be mad if they just leave me hang and don’t let me know…

In skatepark news…I’m not having as much fun as I can, and I hate to say it, but it really is because of the bike. Listen,…I know a zillion people who make a zillion excuses to not ride unless they have the latest and greatest gear, but I am not that person.  I’ll ride pretty much anything as long as it works. But this thing is a little ridiculous:

At first I thought that the local kids would really raz me about the ugly three spoke mags, but so far they haven’t.  All say is “wow those are some small pegs”.  I usually leave before it gets crowded for fear of being laughed at on this thing. How about that knobby tire on the front? It sounds like a propeller airplane when I am pumping around the walls.

Anyway, I’m a firm believer in “Ride what you have and don’t make excuses”, but even that theory has limits. This bike is making me un-psyched about riding because I have reached the point where it is holdng me back. It tips the scale at close to 40lbs!

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