Giant Modem 2003 conundrum

I’m thinking about buying this 2003 Giant Modem. It’s $85. It is no where near the quality of BMX bike I want buy, but budget limitations make it sort of a reasonable choice.

The upsides:

> it has modern frame geometry…20.25 top tube is a little short but way more realistic than the 18.5 on the   GT I am currently “riding”> it has 14mm rear axle so I can add pegs and start to do peg tricks without too much worry> it has a threadless fork/stem set up
> new tires
> the overall design is more in tune with what you see today than the outdated bike I have now

The downsides:
> hi-ten steel frame…no cro-mo = heavy
> same for fork and most likely handlebars
> i have dealt with the guy who is selling it before when looking at a bike for Graham and he kind of blew me off when I had more questions about about the bike. He sort of expected me to just buy the thing without even mulling it over. This guy thinks he is doing you a favor selling you a bike so cheap, so he gets a little bugged if you don’t do the whole cash and carry routine. This is why bikes sit on his site unsold for months at a time.

What I really want is to just have a bike that meets the more modern design specs. Trying to lug that stumpy ol GT through the park is just ridiculous. The Giant will clock in at around 35 pounds I’m sure…my mountain bike is actually lighter! I guess what I am sort of envisioning is to just get a proper platform to start with, and upgrade from there. I can’t really justif dropping $400 on a bike when I have no income coming in, but I do NOT want to wait until I get graduate and get a jobby job to get a bike. Heh, when I get a job, it will seem even  more ridiculous to drop coin on a bike because I’ll have less time to ride. Deep down I know getting the used Giant is practical from a  money and timing standpoint, but having owned sme of the most wicked BMX bikes in the workd, everything seems like such a step down if it isn’t at least full cro-mo fr+fk/handlebars. It’ll chuff my ass that I am riding less than that. Then again, I see a lot of kids having a lot of fun on some real clunkers down at the park.

Jeez…what should I do?

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