Giant Modem 2003 and Danny Way is sick

I bought the 03 Giant Modem from the guy down the street from me. It was in about the shape I expected. I had to have the guy tighten up the front cones. The wheels are a little bent…even though this guy has not one but TWO truing stands at his garage workshop. I think the lock nut on the crank bearings is stripped also…they were loose so I tightened them up, but the lock nut never seemed to -lock-. No biggie. It took me about 15 mins in the parking lot of the skatepark to get the thing rideable. It does have brand new tires.

Once I started riding it though, I decided it was money well spent. It carves nice and smooth…very responsive compared to the clunker GT. I haven’t tried anything real crazy on it yet…and I probably won’t…I just want to be able to pump and not have the bike actually absorb all the energy I put out.

On the upside…the guy had 3 pegs, two for the rear and one for the front…so I kind of got the bonus plan. On the downside, the guy tried to charge me tax. I told him I only brought the amount he listed in the ad. The guy just sort of sketches me out. On his web site he has a Barnetts Bicycle Institute logo, but I seriously doubt he ever really went there. Whatever…I knew what I was getting into and it worked out pretty much as expected.

So,…now I can start riding again. While I was at the skatepark tonight I never even touched the small bowl because it was too crowded, so I’ll prolly spend all my time there tomorrow morning.

IN X-GAMES NEWS…well, there isn’t any bikey news yet…but last night Danny Way almost became the first Mega Ramp death as he clipped the coping from 20ft out the flipped to flat bottom. It was pretty sick. What was even sicker was that he ended up getting up, and completing the rest of his runs…AND almost winning! Man, that guy is seriously insane. He could have just walked away and never took another run and no one would have lost respect for him, but to come back after that fall and almost win…whew…unbelievable.

I wonder if the wreck is on youtooooob yet? Of course it is…vid shows several different views of the incident

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