snake session warning device

I’m going to put my Incredi-Bell on my BMX bike to let little kids know I am coming at the skatepark. Most of the older guys know how to ride a busy session, but the little kids on razor scooters, the ones riding bikes way too big for them, and the ones riding those new skateboard-like things that only have 2 wheels instead of four always end up focused entirely on what they are doing and don’t see more than 3 feet in front of their precious little noses. So…I’m bringing the dinger. Should be a big hit…lots of laughs.

The freakin’ girls at that skatepark are the full scandal…you know, the ones that are 13 going on 24. Seriously, when did kids stop being kids so young? I blame the Bratz dolls.

Hey are you riding today. Be careful its hot out there. X-games coverage starts at 3pm on ABC…3 hours, including BMX Superpark final, then 7-9 on ESPN bmx vert final, then 9-11 ESPN skate vert final. There will be some motorcycle stuff mixed in with all that coverage. You really need to make a poit to watch BMX Superpark…

Oh yeah, my buddy had the tools to install the pegs on my bike today, so we put em on. I already busted my ass good and proper. My forks are designed in such a way that the fork leg actually hits the grinding surface instead of the peg, which makes things very difficult/dangerous. I am going to leave them on the bike so I can get used to the weight factor, but I do NOT foresee trying a lot of peg related tricks until I get some elbow and kneww pads/shin protection.

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