Warranty + X-Games BMX superpark + vert

My mountain bike is fixed! The drive all the way to Roswell to pick it up was brutal because of the heat. It was worth it though, when I saw my bike all fixed and ready to go. They replaced the entire rear triangle with one that is sort of this dark smoke gray color. The mechanic dood said he was hoping I wouldn’t bug out because it wasn’t the same color. It actually looks way cooler than it did before IMO. He must have had me confused with one of those lycra wearing color coordinated folks who can’t ride unless they are suited up for the cover of Bicycling magazine. Heh…uh, no.
I took a quick spin on it, and it seems to be fairly dialed in. It actually felt nice after riding the BMX bike so much. I’ve got an issue wih the front derailleur rubbing a bit due to that time I taco-ed the big ring and had to straighten it with a hammer, but I don’t think it will bother me much as long as I am wearing my headphones and can’t hear it rubbing. Actually, I’ll prolly be able to adjust the rub out. Trail riding again soon! That bike will never see a skatepark again. The guys at Performance Roswell really hooked me up and gave great service. Sooo much better than the treatment I got at the Performance off North Druid Hill.

Yesterday I caught all of the X-Games superpark and vert bmx events. Superpark looked…uh, cramped. It just looked like the business end of the set-up had every launchable surface so close together that it was tough to ride. For bikes it might have been a little better more spread out. I was glad that the guys had to adapt to the new set-up rapidly though, because to me, a rider is good not just because of high tech tricks off obvious transitions, but if he can find the elusive hidden lines at a spot as well.
There was some good action though. I’m glad I made time to watch it.
Bike vert was (to me) freakin awesome. I actually dig that the vert ramp was just two vert walls…no elevators, gaps, extensions…just walls. It made everyone work a little harder. It might not have been as much FUN for the riders, but it did make for exciting watching, because it showed how much stuff is possible off a really simple set-up. I couldn’t tell you what tricks were done, because I just don’t know a lot of the names of the new school tricks, but I know I did like watching how the riders could do their tricks both in both directions. Being able to turn both ways in the air and on the walls is something I am working on at the park, so I can relate sort of. When I say relate I mean in a “I’m not even getting over the top of the coping ” stylee…but hey, it’ll happen eventually. Maybe. Hopefully.

I have watched pretty much all of X-games except the motorcycle stuff. I did watch the skating. Skate vert was just sick. I’m up for doing anything to stay psyched on riding these days. Maybe I should buy some BMX dvds or something.  It would be great if I could find a DVD with NO FLIPS. Flips are for circuses.

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