sunday at Duncan Creek

This seemed to be the trick of the night sunday at Duncan Creek. Anyone who could do it WAS doing it. One guy was just going back and forth between walls doing it on each one, sometimes stalling it out for sick amounts of time. A few guys were doing the variatioon of this where they put their foot in front of the fork also.

Waaay earlier in the day, when it was about a zillion degrees out, this guy was seriously rinsing it. He was riding without a drive train! No chain, no sprocket…just cranks. It was all about momentum and had a certain rough elegance. In a weird sort of way it reminded me of fixed gear biz because it was so stripped down. What do you call these things…pushies?

I noticed that this guy was wearing a Work City(?) shirt during the day, and then like 9 hours later when I went back to the park, a bunch of the heavy hitters were running Work City shirts. What is Work City? Work City has a posse

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