soul ride reminder process

It is perfectly okay to ride just for the sake of enjoying the feeling of riding. Not every session has to net some new line or new trick. Its great when progress is made, but if it stops being FUN because you aren’t progressing, you are defeating the whole purpose.

I’ve been telling myself these things a lot lately because I don’t want to hurt myself. Its easy to get waaaay psyched watching some of the great riders over at Duncan Creek, but I have to remember I am much older and much less fit than these guys are. I DO NOT want to get hurt. At the same time, I want to make forward strides with riding.

I guess I am just trying to be careful. I feel like I have sort of reached a plateau with what I am doing at the park. My new strategy is going to be one about connecting lines together. Usually my riding there consists of approaching a transition, doing a jump or air or popping out to flat, and then just riding back to where I started. I’m thinking that a way I can make some progress without ramping up the difficulty level too high is to start connecting these short lines together and utilize more of the park on each run. One thing I am suprised at, is how well I am taking to doing tricks turning the opposite way than I am accustomed to. I feel more comfortable doing tricks on the hips opposite the way I do regular airs. Strange.

I’ve also finally accepted that I am going to be on this Giant bike for a while. I had sort of had a plan to try and sell it when my financial aid rom school came in, and get something nicer, but that isn’t going to happen. A more realistic plan is to aim for a new ride around xmas. On the upside, I will have logged so much time lugging around the Giant by then (which has got to be close to 40lbs) that a new sub 30lb bike should be a real treat.

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