evs option pads and smarmitude

Okay soooo, I went and picked up these EVS Option knee pads today. I’m hoping they work out, it was kind of hard to tell how I would like them in the store because they had a theft tag attached to them so I couldn’t properly try them on. I got them at a motocross store. My buddy Terry’s son is always running these over at Duncan Creek, so I asked about them because they looked like they might be a good shin gaurd/knee gaurd combo. I was suprised when he said they were under $20! So I figure what the heck, I might as well give them a try. They will be better than no protesction at all thats for sure. I may get some jeers from the cool kids for not flossing appropriate style points though. Lately I have been looking at some BMX blogs, and I have noticed that the smarm factor is wayyyyy high. Funny high. You would never say it to my face high. Ahhh, the internet…it breeds tough typers.

The one thing I don’t like about these pads is that they have no strap over the top part of the knee cup. Everytime you bend your leg the pad stays straight. You can’y really notice it once it is under your shorts though. To be honest I may not wear these ALL THE TIME, but if I am trying to learn something new I’ll prolly run them.

Today was fun in the deep AM at the skatepark. I’m getting the little hips in the small bowl dialed in going both directions. Mainly it was fun because it wasn’t 800,000 degrees out. Suprisingly, the deck rat contingent didn’t show until just as I was going to leave. The rest of the day is all about homework. Freakin English teacher is piling it on. Bleh.

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