good week

Riding was good to me this week. I’m continuing to feel more comfortable on the new bike, even though it still feels kind of small. Speaking of refering to BMX bikes as small…shame on Stephen Colbert for calling them “little kids huffys” when interviewing some dude about the Olympics on his show this past week. I guess that stigma will never end…just because you can buy something the LOOKS like a BMX bike in the TOY department of wal-mart, doesn’t mean it really is one.
I learned double peg stalls on the small quarter at Duncan Creekatron. Then I pulled one (just one so far) in the bowl with the roll in…on the smallest wall, but I pulled in nonetheless! I am pretty freakin stoked about the whole deal. I never thought I would be able to do them period. Now I want to get them dialed, and maybe I can start thinking about keeping some forward motion going once I am on the pegs.
Most likely I’ll be taking a break for the next few days to do some more school work. Also, I get pretty sore from lugging my fat butt around the park, so I am in need of a little rest. One beat thing that did happen…I took a pretty mean crossbar to the gut farting around rolling in to the small bowl. At least I didn’t go down…

Transferring from bowl to bowl in the smaller/street area at the park haunts me dreams. I tried sort of just riding up and over the line I wil take to do it, and my feet came off the pedals every time. No rush man…plenty of time.

Curiously, I have been thinking about good ol Gainesville College Trail. Maybe I should dust off the MTB sometime this week.

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