olympic track cycling finals

If you want to watch the Beijing Olympics 2008 Track Cycling medal round, you are going to have to tune in Sunday Aug17th between 10a and 6pm EST, NBC.

You know, I hate to complain, but couldn’t they get the schedule set up a little more accurately? Are they deliberately just posting blocks of events and times so that a viewer is forced to wade through hours of crap they don’t want to watch so they will be exposed to the commercials that run while they are waiting for the ONE event they want to see?I dunno…maybe they have a tough time planning the broadcast because so many different events are happening at the same time at different venues. Still frustrating though…

Laoshan Velodrome


3 thoughts on “olympic track cycling finals

  1. Bethany says:

    I’m really impressed with the online video offerings on nbcolympics.com – the video quality is excellent, there is no annoying commentary and no commercial interruptions during the event. I’ve been catching up on my women’s weightlifting during the day since it didn’t get much (any?) TV coverage.

  2. robertashton says:

    oooh i never thought to see if any of the track cycling qualifiers were online. i’m gonna check that site out

  3. Their TV schedule is wonked. On their website it said there’d be track stuff on USA 10am-12pm today. A two-hour window ain’t too bad. On my Comcast guide it also mentioned there would be track cycling on USA during the huge block of time that ended at 12pm. However, I recorded 8:45am until 12:00pm and fastforwarded through the whole thing and there was no cycling.

    However, I did stumble upon womens track qualifiers on UHD today, even though it was not listed as being on there on their website or on Comcast’s guide. So I hit record… we’ll see what I got.

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