know when to fold em

Things did NOT go well at the skatepark tonight. First off, I tried to ride wearing my mp3 player, and it just didn’t work out at all. I’m not going to try and be over analytical about it…it just made me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it would have worked better if I was running some more aggressive music…I dunno. Dub and dancehall is just too slow motion for bowl riding.

To make things worse, I just could NOT get the ass end of the bike to do what I wanted. It felt heavy and sketchy. It felt bad enough that I knew right away I was going to end up spending the whole time just trying not to wreck. I tried to do the double peg stalls that I have ben so stoked about and almost freakin ate it big time, every time. The one thing I did manage to try and pull off was sort of an alley-oop(sp?). Granted they were considerably below the lip, but I did actually travel across the transition in the opposite direction that I was turning. So even on a really bad night, progress was made.

Finally, I have some looseness in my front wheel, which I think has something to do with repeatedly bashing the peg against the coping. The peg is already bent a bit, or rather the axle is. I hope it isn’t broken. Maybe that was what was sketching me out so bad…the bike just felt weird. I dunno…maybe it will be better next time.

Maybe I should go to this art/bike/metal party tomorrow night (i prolly won’t though cause I’m lame):


GET OFF THE STREET!!! Ride or Die is a celebration of bike culture. Highlights of this one night only event include performances by Zoroaster, All The Saints, Diamond Jackie, Bike Contests and Art inspired by the culture of bicycles.

GET OFF THE STREET!!! Ride or Die is presented by The Greater Atlanta Design Alliance (theGADA), an Atlanta based collective is made up of Graphic Designers, Photographers, Illustrators and Traditional Painters. theGADA was established in early 2006, GET OFF THE STREET!!! Ride or Die will be their fourth collective show.

“As a group we are eagerly seeking an open platform to promote our mission,” says Joey Venters, “Working within the broad theme of Bicycle Culture, we hope to promote aesthetics, environmental health, awareness, creativity and community.”

“The title to the show,” continues Venters, “is dedicated to those of us that have heard this statement yelled at them while biking around the city of Atlanta.”

Participating artists include: Tyson McAdoo, Jon Hinkemeyer, Legrand, CATCH, Joey Venters, Trevor Wallis, Mick Bailey, Jordan Gunter, Matt Christison, Tim Song, Matthew Miller, Chewy and Mike Fram.

GET OFF THE STREET!!! Ride or Die will commence at 8:00 pm on Friday August the 15th at EYEDRUM. Tickets are $7.00 a person or $5 if you ride your bike to the event. Music starts at 9:00.

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One thought on “know when to fold em

  1. Joe says:

    that show was sick.

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