peg stall + dub churnin’

Hit up the Duncan early AM style, after a completely sleepless night. I actually got there -too- early…it is staying dark later these days. Next time I won’t even leave the hut til about 6:40, shorty. Had a fun little session that consisted mainly of repeated attempts to master double peg stall on the little quarter. I must have done a zillion of them, but see…only about 4 of them would I consider -proper-. Whats happening is, I start to turn into the trick, then when the pegs connect to the coping and pedal hits the flat, the back of my heel is rotating slightly outward and pressing onto the deck of the ramp, which I am kind of considering -cheating-. My one riding buddy that is always there in the early A.M. says it isn’t cheating, but I want to get out of the habit of touching the deck at all. I have been watching this one guy down there on a blue Eastern (I think he used to work at Mama’s) who grinds all over the freakin place, and I noticed that his pedal doesn’t even hit. Thats how I want to have them. I dunno, I guess it isn’t really -cheating- to have my heel hit just for a hot sec, so for now it’ll do.

Later in the day, I was riding on 985 and passed the part of the woods where you can see the picnic table at “ChamPAIN hill”, Chicopee trails. I kind of started thinking that I miss churning through the woods dousing myself in DUB tunes on the mountain bike. Maybe part of the reason I haven’t been back on the MTB yet is because when I finally buckle down to ride, the reality of needing a new big ring is going to set in. In case you don’t remember, I bent it like a taco at the skatepark, then -unbent- it with a hammer when I had to take the MTB in for the frame warranty repair. So now it freakin rubs the derailleur. Maybe I’ll be able to just adjust it out, I dunno. It didn’t bother me so much when I was using the bike in the skatepark, but in the woods I want it to work RIGHT. I need a seat for the MTB too, I kind of stole the one that was on it for the BMX bike.

Maybe tomorrow I can get one of the A.M. creww to catch a pic of me getting that peg stall. It really is a very basic level trick, but to me it is a huge step.

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One thought on “peg stall + dub churnin’

  1. You should come into town this weekend. We’ll dig for a better chainring in the bins at Sopo, then go to the party at the Graveyard.

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