tongue, levetation, and a mid 80’s classic

Sometimes my tongue comes out when I do tricks on my bike

Terry is using the force to levitate Dave over the slant-hip

…aaaand from the wayback machine, heres some 1985 action from yours truly. No, I didn’t make it a habit to get fully suited up in gear just to session the driveway to the maintenence office in my apartment complex, but on this particular day we decided to have a -photo session-. Remember when cameras used film? I’m doing a trick we called “Itson hops” for no reason other than the first person we saw do it was Woody Itson. The bike is a Haro Master, DK stem, Vector bars (usually Vectors were bar stem integrated units but these were the more rare “just the bars” models”), Pro-Neck disc mated to a Sugino chainring, spinning on these ridiculously light HOLLOW one piece cranks Togawas putting out for a while. Comp Stadium Tires, Dia Compe hinged seat clamp, Kashimax seat, Dia Compe MX-900 brakes.

STYLE POINTS: heavy duty boom box on curb, most likely running Too Fast For Love or Jam On It, Nike high tops only laced halfway up with the tongues flopping out the top, neighborhood tough guys hanging out up to no good, classic Baltimore late winter lighting…
I eventually broke this frame riding quarter pipe in my buddy Erskines back yard…cracked it right under the seat tube, above the bottom bracket.

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One thought on “tongue, levetation, and a mid 80’s classic

  1. mershon says:

    KASHIMAX seat????? How did you ever expect to do any REAL tricks with a seat that you could buy at Kmart? No wonder you never got sponsored.

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