Sometimes I have to laugh when I see a SORBA post about someone having some sort of problem with one of their megadollar bikes…meanwhile, my $790 Mongoose that gets scoffed at by the *insert overpriced  boutique manufacturer here* loyalists has chugged along with pretty much no problems. Breaking the frame doesn’t count, because I did that at the skatepark, using the bike in ways it was never intended, with more air in the shock than should ever be in there. On the trails, its rock solid.

In their defense, I know that some of these manufacturers of zillion dollar frames that end up with “alignment problems” or “bushing issues” make sacrifices of strength to keep weight down.

Still, it makes me chuckle to hear the tone of suprise in the SORBA posts when folks just can’t figure out how something they paid so much money for could fail so badly. There really is a huge statement in there about the state of rampant *ill informed but ready to buy their way to happiness* consumerism in there somewhere.

I’m just sayin.

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