well it was bound to happen…

I knew it was only a matter of time. Spotted over at the awesome Hong Kong Fixed Gear blog, is this photo of a fixie that is clearly running pegs:

I haven’t seen any yet, but given that this pic now exists, we should soon start to see vid footage of the fixed gear freestyle crowd venturing off the pedals and onto the far reaches of the bikes. The fixed gear freestyle bikes are going to continue to morph closer and closer to BMX bikes, which I am sure will ruffle the feathers of the BMX tastemakers, but I am not affected. I think it just keeps getting more interesting as the FGF bikes get further and further away from the -track- bikes that spawned them. I think the next trendy move for the fgf crew will be a move towards extreme low gearing, like the “artistic cycling” crowd run. The bikes will cease to be practical for getting from place to place at all, and become strict session-mobiles that only make sense if ridden in the confines of a small area.  I’m just sayin. I dunno, I’m no fgf expert or anything..I can’t even skid(too fat) or do backwards circles (a lie..I can do em, just not consistently).

The owner of this bike is crazy if he is going to try any kind of peg related tricks while running that hub radial laced…maybe the pegs are just for riding around a passenger like those little kids down the street from you from you do.

Also from the wicked HKFIXED site:

How awesome is this scale model Bianchi! I used to freakin LOVE models when I was a kid. I have never seen a model bicycle though, and they picked one that absolutely RULES. Looks like it came straight off the pages of OldTenSpeedGallery…which is like velospace but for (cheap) bikes with vintage soul. The real version of this Bianchi might be a little high end for OTSG, but the timeframe is correct so it would fit in nonetheless…

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2 thoughts on “well it was bound to happen…

  1. R3N3G4D says:

    those arent pegs its just a rear wheel mount. check the link.

  2. robertashton says:

    oh man, you’re right! I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.
    I’d put a loot$tack on seeing pegs added at some point in the fgf scene though….

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