Olympic BMX final results

Maris Stromberg(Latvia) got the gold, Mike Day(USA) silver and Donny Robinson(USA) bronze. Jill Kintner(USA) bronze in the ladies race.

Kyle Bennett didn’t make the final, setting the stage for him to make a triumphant comeback showing in London 2012.

One of the interesting things about this event, is that the time margin between the gold and silver is HUGE compared to other events…almost half a second! No photo finishes here. I’d almost like to see the track be a little shorter (but still with the same difficulty of gap jumps) so that the riders wouldn’t be completely spent by the end. Alot of the races ended with riders sitting down…and if BMX is going to stay in the olympics, people are going to want to see closer finishes. As it was, you could tell who was going to win by the before the last turn.

I’m still pretty freakin stoked that BMX got to the Olympic level. Maybe Versus can make some kind of deal with NBC to cover just tyhe biking portions of the 2012 games. Wouldn’t that ne awesome instead of having to watch like 4 hours of coverage to see little bits og biking here and there? I didn’t see any of the track racing or mountain biking…I dunno if mountain biking was even covered on tv.

BIG UPS TEAM USA on a good showing.

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3 thoughts on “Olympic BMX final results

  1. Mike says:

    I’ve been waiting for BMX to make it to the olympics since the 80’s. I was so surprised this year to find out it was a full blown event. The track looked awesome and it was cool to see it in prime time even though it was only the finals. And did you see tthey had cheerleaders??

  2. AC says:

    I checked my local listing and mtb’ing is sloted for 11:35pm PST. Being a mtb’er, I’m gonna be super pissed if they hose it up like they did the BMX races. I din’t see any of the womens or finals….

  3. pk rip says:

    Definately not enough women’s action…those ladies have huge b**ls, and they should have shown more.

    Good point about sitting down at the end-viewers who are new to the sport may not realize that in the quarters, semis, and main riders are not racing against the clock, but each other.

    As for photo finishes, there are plenty in BMX…and were many motos at Loshan that had to go to the photos for verification.

    Every BMX track is different and I would presume that at some point in the future, you’ll see an Olympic BMX track that is a bit more downhill: racers can cover more track rather than working on a flat course with a huge starting hill.

    Overall, I’m gratefully disappointed with the amount of NBC coverage…’WOW, BMX on NBC!’ but also, ‘wow, 2 minutes of BMX at 11 o’clock at night on NBC.’ Ouch.

    Well, they can’t show all the Olympic sports, and ya need start somewhere.


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