injury report

Well, I am going to be of the bike for at least a couple of days. I seem to have damaged the calf muscle in my left leg. Its bad enough that I can’t put anywhere near my full weight on it.

All I did was jump out of the stret bowl at Duncan Creek, which I have done a zillion times. It wasn’t a big jump or anything, and I didn’t fall. Just popped from the transition to the deck. Buit when I did it I guess when I pumped, my foot allowed the left pedal to pivot backwards so far that I tore something or it popped out of place. Its getting worse now that I have gone to sleep. Stiff. Ugh, I feel like I need crutches or something.

Muscular injuries piss me off because other people can’t -see- them, so they think you are faking. Kind of like back problems…which for some reason it was assumed that I have over the course of conversation with my folks, and I had to ‘splain to them that I don’t. Luckily. I mean, sometimes if I happen to be working a job where I have to move a zillion heavy ass boxes or something, it’ll get sore, but no more than what I imagine any one elses does. Some people have horrible back problems. It amazes me because a lot of them are super fit other wise…like great height to weight ratio and all that. For the life of me I don’t know why my spine doesn’t just collapse given that it has to support my ginourmous gut. Maybe having to provide structural stability for almost 4 decades has made it strong or something, I dunno.


my freakin leg hurts.

i wonder if it is going to swell up or bruise or something. Dear (insert diety of choice) please do not make me have to go to the doctor.


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