FM24.08 vs Duncan Creek sunrise session

You know…I’m an idiot. My sleep schedule is completely reversed, which means I am up ALL night. So I have been watching the live race tracker of the FM24.08 race, and it only JUST NOW, at 4:30am, dawned on me that if I would have left for downtown a few hours ago I could have gotten some great photos from multiple locations along the race route, and I could have kicked it at Johnnys Pizza mixing and mingling with the bikey people. Maybe next year. Dang.

The race tracker is pretty cool though.

At least I am awake in time to go to Duncan Creek this morning. My calf injury is -almost- completely better, but I still have some stiffness. I am still walking with the sort of limp that would remind you of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor when they first get to jail in Stir Crazy and are trying to look like tough guys.

Yesterday I went, but I took it waaaaaaay easy. I am pedaling a little weird because I still don’t have the full range of motion, but I wanted to get out there and carve around a bit. I still pulled a few double pegs on the 1/4 pipe. My buddy Terry learned feeble grinds. He hopped up on one of the ledges and coasted one about a good ten feet and rode out of it like he has ben doing them a zillion years.

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