Festival of Speed

Saturday I made the trek to East Point to meet up with Graham and check out the Festival of Speed at Dick Lane Velodrome. It was probably the biggest crowd I have seen there yet, although I will admit I haven’t been to every FOS. I walked in the gate just as the Natty Anthem was being wrapped up, and the racing started with the quickness.

My favorite type of race is the “Miss and Out”, in which the last rider to cross the line every lap is dropped from the race. This format makes every lap exciting.

Of course, the track is a total haven for bikespotting. One of my fave rides on the night was this BREW

I’m a big fan of BREW ever since I looked into places I could learn to build a frame, and found out that they custom build BMX frames as well as track, road and mountain! I would LOVE to go to their frame building class.

While watching the younger aged girls race, we kept seeing this one bike that looked different from the others…the bottom bracket was really high and it just had a different stance than all the other bikes. We weren’t sitting close enough to really figure out what the deal was on it, so after the race I headed over to scope it out…

Turns out it was an MCS 24″ frame hooked up with  fixed rear hub and drops! I thought that was just freakin awesome. Interesting application. She was running Bulletproof cranks, and I don’t know how long they were, but with that high BB surely she had no problem with pedal strike.

As evening settled in there were some Keiran races. I kind of thought the Keirans were not that exciting. What they lacked in action they made up for in speed though. Trailing behind a motorbike to draft for the first few laps = high danger level and high mph.

There was a brief intermission before the final race so I tried to grab a pic where you could see the whole track, but I couldn’t get high enough or far away enough to get the effect I really wanted. Still, isn’t it awesome that this track is right in the middle of a neighborhood?

The last race was a gigantic 60 lap Madison. The Madison is pretty wicked because the riders work as pairs and when they switch places, one rider grabs onto the other and slings him ahead to give him some momentum. This was the race I was most interested to check out.

Unfortunately, it was kind of tough to keep track of this race. My hat is off to the announcer who seemed to stay up to speed on who was where and what battles were taking place, because after a while the track was just filled with riders all over the place.

Overall it was totally worth the trip. I love the sound the track bikes make when there are like 30 of them blazing past you in a pack. Great Job Festival of Speed organizers.

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One thought on “Festival of Speed

  1. Ben says:

    Man, that 24″ looks sweet as shit. Maybe I should try converting my mountain bike to fixed?

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