roadtrip post #1

Okay soooo, I am leaving tomorrow morning for points northward. I’m taking my fixed gear with me, so my bike related activities on the trip will be fixie based.

First stop, Greenville SC, which will be a non-bike riding stop for a single night. I imagine there is a road biking scene there, what with Hincapie being a local and all, but I didn’t know if they had a big fixed scene. I dug in a little and found they are having an alleycat in October so there must be at least enough riders there to host a race.

Next stop will be Baltimore. I’m from B-more, so I will def get some riding in there.  I hear that Shop Gentai supports the fixed gear up there, so I will swing by, but I think it is more of a clothing store than anything. Worth a trip through I s’pose. I’m suprised there isn’t a dedicated fixed gear shop up there yet. Maybe there is and I just don’t know about it. Maybe if there isn’t one I should sell everything I own and go start one. Right.

I have family obligations in Baltimore, which is the real reason for this trip. I’ll be there a few days. Then, on  Monday the 29th, if my budget allows, I’m headed to the Philadelphia area to visit my buddy Skip at Cycle Sonic. Dunno if I will visit log an overnight in the Philly area or not. Maybe.

My ultimate objective is to make it to New York and visit half the population of Atlanta that have moved there. So far I don’t know if I will make it all the way there, since gas prices are kind of hellish, but if I do, I am hoping to visit TrackStar and King Kog. I don’t need parts or anything, I’m being a typical tourist and looking to grab some of their shop stickers.

For sure I want to RIDE to these shops, not take the train. I’m excited about riding in NY. Hopefully it will work out that I can. I don’t have a solid plan yet. I may have to go up without my bike since I’ll be doing it couch surfing style. Gotta respect your couch hosts.

I leave tomorrow morning, so reports from the road will follow.

Other than the roadtrip, I rode the skatepark today for the first time in a LONG time, and like an idiot I left my contact lens at home so all the walls looked totally flat. I have no depth perception without my lens. Luckily I didn’t wreck, but it was a pretty bunk session. I’ll have to get a rebate on that when I get back.

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