Last night, Graham and I hustled over to Doo Gallery to catch a screening of Macaframa. Well, we tried to hustle. The flow got interrupted about halfway there by way of me flatting.

We walked to the nearest street light and got to work. The piece of glass was still sticking out of my tire, so the first time around I didn’t even pul the tire all the way of the rim. I just removed it far enough to access the cut. We used a Park Tool glueless patch. We could still catch up with the peleton, we don’t need no stupid support car! Popped the wheel back on, repacked the bag, and as soon as there was no traffic we could HEAR the tube still leaking.

So, off comes the wheel AGAIN. This time I dug deeper into the regions of my bookbag, and retrieved a patch kit that uses glue. Took the tube all the way out this time. Since I had dug into the deep regions, I had found my C02 pump that doubles as a shorty hand pump, so we were able to give the tube some air and make sure we found all the holes. There were about 4 little punctures all within a quarter inch of one another. So we picked the biggest patch and did the install. Got it all pumped up and re-installed, and once again, when traffic died down, we could hear the air escaping.

UGH. Oh well, we were halfway there so we decided to walk the rest of the way and bank on one of the bikey people having a spare tube.

about a mile of 2 later we finally reached the Doo Gallery. The 10pm showing had already started so we made our way in and soaked up some of the free beer. It was a pretty good turnout, the main gallery space filled up  with folks to check out the film. As is par for the course when you get drinking bikey people and fixed gear footage together, the crowd was very vocal. Macaframa was pretty good. Of course there was lots of awesome tricks footage, but there was also a ton of folks just riding long straight and fast. If you are a non-fixed rider, you would probably find these portions very boring…but to me there was something kind of neat about those guys having such long extended runs at HIGH speed thru city traffic. I think the film makers were trying to capture something about the whole -zen of fixed gear- or something with those long portions of folks just pedaling..I dnno. Maybe they just wanted to build suspense so when someone did a trick it had much more impact. Overall it was worth going, 50% for the movie and 50% to kick it with the bikey people.

Sure enough, Graham asked someone for a tube, who asked someone for a tube, and a good samaritan hooked me up. May your rides be all downhill with no cars in your way good sir.

We actually milled about and stuck it through with like 5 other people for the second showing. I was hoping since the crowd was so thin that I would be a lock for winning the No-Brakes shirt raffle, but since so many people had left they didn’t do a second drawing. I only missed winning by one number the first time.

Made it home without flatting

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