That one guy got a lot further than I would have

Saturday at Grahams, before heading out for the night, channel surfing brought us to the show Riding the Tour De France: Living the Dream. It was a sort of documentary, where DiscoChanHD picked two lucky fellahs from some contest, and hooked them up to ride stage 16 of the 07 tour. When I say hooked up, I mean they:

>took them to Trek HQ and set them up on some brand spankin new Madones.

>Flew them over to Europe to do a few training rides with Zabriskie, Hincapie, and some other dude.

>Back to the states for a full 3d bike fit and V02 max analysis at Carmichael Training.

>flight back to the stage 16 start, with full sag package the day before and during the ride, just in case

Pretty freakin sweet. They didn’t really go into too much detail about how the guys trained the few weeks leading up to the ride, other than that they trained at altitude. The day of the ride, they were pretty excited.

The bigger of the two guys had lost a very visible 22 lbs during training. I was totally rooting for him becasue I know what its like to lug a spare tire up a hill. The other guy was pretty fit from the get go and the training honed him to a razors edge.

The ride profile featured 3 peaks, with varying grades, and the middle grade got progessively steeper towards the top. The bigger of the two guys ended up capping his ride at the top of peak 2. Not bad for a big dude. The other guy stomped on and actually finished only like 54 mins or something off the pace of the stage winner. That kind of rules.

The show comes on again on the 15th and the 25th. It’s worth catching if you want to catch a glimpse of the Trek inner sanctum, and want to check out how they do a bike fit at Carmichael.

MEANWHILE, the climb up the gravel road from the creek as you finish Outer Loop at Chicopee still intimidates me.


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