Scott Hodge motorcycle accident

The following was posted on Namrita O’dea’s blog:

“In case you haven’t heard, Scott Hodge from Addictive Cycles had a bad motorcycle crash yesterday …

Hodge is still in ICU at Atlanta Medical center but may be discharged in the next few days. He must be signed out by the Thoracic Surgeon and the other doctors as well before he can go home. Scott suffered the following injuries from the motorcycle crash: C6 vertebrae fracture (holding and should heal on its’ own), C7 fractured in half but is not separating (he will have to wear a compression collar to keep it immobilized). If the C7 begins to separate they will have to do immediate surgery.

C5 is also fractured and causing the most pain but it will heal on it’s own. Healing time for the fractures is estimated at 3 to 6 months (if he follows the doctors directions). And we all know Hodge, that will be tough. His lungs are bruised which has made breathing a little difficult, 1 broken rib and his hip is sore and bruised from hitting the pavement.”


Namrita has a paypal for donations set up on her blog as Scott is inunsured.

SORBA forum post for well wishers and to hear latest news here

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