Dacula GA BMX track meeting in Gwinnett County

Saw this in Craigslist today…worth reposting>>

Dacula- BMX Track- Gwinnett County needs your vote!!!! ATTN: Bike Shop Owners!!!!!!
New County Park to be built in Dacula- Harbins Alcovy- just south of 316 in Dacula!!!

Your attendance is needed:
When: Thursday, October 23rd
Where: Grayson High School Theater- 50 Hopehollow Road, Grayson, GA
Time: 7PM-8:30PM

This is an opportunity to meet the Gwinnett County Park people, and FILL OUT an Interest Form on what you would like to see in this new park. For more plans on this site, please go to http://www.gwinnettparks.com

This is not a rally or anything of the like, it is an opportunity to let your County know that you want a BMX track. Based on the feedback, the County Park people will make a decision on what to include in the park- i.e. BMX track, skatepark, disc golf (or whatever they call it), basketball courts, volleyball, etc. If you have not noticed, everything is in at least one of the Gwinnett County Parks, EXCEPT a BMX track.

The more BMX track on the interest forms, the more likely they will put a BMX track in. If you are like me and tired of driving all the way to Powder Springs, Noonday, or even the cool tracks on the south side of town, this will be a godsend. With a track in Gwinnett County, more people will get into BMX, thus more races/racers, as well as now pulling from the SC BMX scene. This will in no way hurt the other tracks, BUT enhance their attendance and popularity of the sport.

Again, fellow BMX racers, or wanna be future Olympic BMX hopefuls, your attendance and Interest Forms are needed (provided at Grayson High School) on Thursday, October 23rd at Grayson High School!!!!


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