Today I picked up the latest MBA hoping it wouold spur on some momentum for my plan to dust of the  Ye Ol Otero and actually hit the trails. I’m not sure if it worked or not yet. I think I still want ti ride just as bad as I have for the last few weeks but I’m still knee deep in anxiety over a potential job situation. For a lot of folks, riding clears the head. It clears the head for me too. But I also like to ride clearheadedly if you know what I mean. If I went for a ride right now, at this very second, I wouldn’t enjoy it because I am TOO preoccupied. I might even do something stupid, wreck, and then not even be able to make it to this impending interview I have coming up. 

So I’ll wait, and hope that the payoff pays off.

MBA seeme the same as the last time I looked at it. The european mountain bike magazine I find at the local bookstore gets me much more excited about riding to tell you the truth, but it’s $13.99. I just couldn’t shell out that kind of loot today.

I hope you are riding! I’ll be back on soon enough.


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