Return of the Otero

I haven’t rode my mountain bike (on a trail) since spring/early summer…once Duncan Creek opened I abandoned the trails for all park action, and then actually broke the rear section of the Otero frame. I had it repaired, and the furthest I have rode it was from the shop door to the car in the shop parking lot. I had put the stock tires back on it earlier this year because they seemed better for park riding. Today I decided to pit the trail tires back on it and try to get it ready for some actual off road action. The new rear triangle is a different color than the first one since they use an 08 as a replacement

It had some issues. Of course I didn’t realize I needed to true the rear wheel until I had already put the trail tire on, pumped it up and installed it back on the bike. No worries though…I was just stoked there were no broken spokes. I thrashed the hell out of this thing at the skatepark.

After I got everything back together (switched all 4 tires from Ye Old Talera to Ye Aging Otero) I noticed that the new rear section has an annoying amount of slop in one of the connection points, most likely the one near the bottom bracket. Its tightened up, but it still has slack. I’m thinking this might be because when they installed the new rear end, they used the old bushing. Lame. There isn’t really a lot I can do about it short of buying a new bushing. Not gona happen. The slack is only there when the bike is unweighted, so I don’t see it as a real problem, just an annoyance because I’ll always know it isn’t -exactly- right.

Also, the front derailleur cage is rubbing on the teeth of the big ring, which indicates to me that it has slipped downwards on the seat tube. Not a big deal, but I didn’t want to mess with that today. I’m actually considering taking the big ring off altogether, so before I do a lot of adjusting for no reason I am going to further investigate that strategy.

The stable:

It’s pissing down rain outside. Tumbling Creek is going to be a full on mudfest even if it cleared up right now. At least I did something bikey today. I’ve ben concentrating on building skills for this potential job so I have been chained to the computer for the last few weeks blah blah blah blah blah….

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