wimp and tumbling creek

This picture makes me feel like a total wimp for having not ever learned to ride into the bigger bowls at Duncan Creek. I can’t believe this guy is doing it by going straight in…these days people ride in from an angle…

Tumbling Creek race is saturday at Gainesville College. They are calling for rain. Word around the net is that if the rain stops, the race will run, regardless of conditions. That seems kind of strange to me. The mountain bike crowd likes to toot their horn about responsible land use, but if it’s a race I guess its okay for them to do more damage to the trail in one day than itr probably gets all year. Honestly, I don’t care..I’m just pointing it out. I think all the stuff about mountain bikes damaging the environment and all that junk is crap anyway. People get waaaaay too bugged out about that stuff. West coasties need a cause and then it spreads east so uppity people can make you feel bad about even walking down a wooded path because you upset the delicate environmental balance by treading on a stick. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t condone abusing the earth, but you will never convince me that biking trails and the use they get disturb the environment in a way as scary as the ultra-environmentalists would have you believe with their scare tactics. So, Tumbling Creek racers…go get your mud bog on baby! I’m going to try and sneak over there and get some photos and such…if I can drag myself out of bed early enough.

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