Jammin’ with Clinton

Not Bill Clinton, not George Clinton, Clinton Nature Preserve.

For the second Sunday in a row, Chadd and myself hit the trails at CNP, which is definitely my new favorite spot, since it’s not too far away (30 minutes from downtown), has a pretty awesome variety of stuff to ride, and isn’t at all crowded. Last week we only saw one other cyclist, who, amusingly enough, was riding the same exact bike as Chadd. This week Jon also joined us, and we saw at least ten other riders, though we only crossed paths with a few of them on the trails.

My primary complaint with this place is that the trails aren’t marked at all. They’re also open to hikers and horses, but that hasn’t proven to be much of an issue, as there really aren’t many folks out there. The lack of markings can be a real hindrance to having a good time, but thankfully a few weeks ago Chadd ran into a guy who knew the trails well and gave him the full tour.

Mountain biking in the fall can be a bit sketchy, what with all the leaves and pine straw making the trails slippery. At times they make the trails damn near disappear, too. It has kept our speeds down a little bit (though I’m no speed demon in the first place), but really hasn’t been as much of an issue as I thought it would be. Credit the Nevegals.

As I said, CNP has a variety of terrain that I really enjoy, as there’s just never too much of any one thing. There’s alternating runs of fast & fun with more technical stuff in between, a few short jaunts on fire roads, and a smattering of really difficult spots here and there. There’s not a ton of elevation change, but it’s not flat, either, so you get to do some climbing without doing a lot of suffering.

Today we came across a few newly fallen trees blocking the path. One was pretty big and there just wasn’t anything we could do but climb over it cyclocross style, but another one looked promising, so Jon broke up a few branches and christened the newly ridable obstacle:

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