Jammin’ with Clinton Addendum

I used this cool (and free) iPhone app called TrailGuru to map our rides at Clinton Nature Preserve with the iPhone’s native GPS.  If you have an iPhone 3G, you should check out this free app, it’s pretty awesome.  It’s not 100% there yet, but the developer is churning out updates and new features like a madman, and he is exceptionally active on the forums on his own site.  I’m still in awe that he is offering this app for free considering how much time he is putting into its development.

Anyway, here is what we rode on Sunday at Clinton Nature Preserve, this may or may not help anyone interested in checking out these trails.

Lap #1 included the big downhill/uphill loop.  The downhill is pretty fun, but short, then you have to climb your way back out of the hole you’ve just ridden into.  Good way to get the heart pumping at the beginning of a ride.

Lap #2 included the most technical of the trails that starts off with some semi-tricky rock stuff, and has a killer climb in the middle with a steep switchback.

The distance is roughly accurate, the speed and pace are way off, but i think that is a result of the way this app calculates both of these.  I have not tested this theory, but i think the time you spend not moving counts against your avg. speed and pace.  We stopped to shoot the shit a few times, so i’m going to stick with that theory.  The mileage is a little bit on the low side, we logged 12.972 miles on Sunday, TrailGuru recorded 11.48.  I have an open discussion on the TrailGuru forums regarding this issue with the developer, but i have not been able to provide a suitable test case yet.


One thought on “Jammin’ with Clinton Addendum

  1. robertashton says:

    wow that app looks awesome. I used to take my Garmin GPS IV on rides with me until I lost it.

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