Scott Hodge Benefit Ride @ Ft Yargo

Here is a repost from the SORBA forum:

“Hey folks as Im sure most everyone knows our dear friend Scott Hodge was involved in a motorcycle accident that has left him layed up with some pretty serious injuries as well as medical expenses. So we’re going to be doing a benefit ride to help out with some of those expenses. The details are as such…
Sat. November 8th at Fort Yargo, we’re going to shoot for a 12:00 (high noon) start time for the rides. We’re doing a later start for a few reasons, one it’s getting on towards winter and this will allow things to warm up a bit for the riding and two we’ve had folks from some pretty far away places express interest and we want to give them the ability to join us!
We will have rides furnished with ride leaders for all abilities! If you want to just do a short easy lap we will have someone for you. If you want to go out and hammer 50 miles, we will have someone there for you as well! Please we’re asking for everyone with every ability to come out, whether you just want to ride around the parking lot or experience all that Fort Yargo has to offer, we want you to feel welcome to join in the fun.
After the ride we will have food available for everyone and the new local and rising band Hammer Down has agreed to come play for us! And if that wasn’t enough our own local legend Bruce “the mouf of da souf” Dickman has graciously agreed to be our master of ceremonies for the day In addition a HUGE thanks go out to the folks at YABA who have donated to us the use of the pavillion there at the park for the day, thanks guys!

So what do we need from you? Well your attendance for starters and we’re asking for donations for the Scott Hodge fund. We’d like to ask for $20 from everyone to help out in the bills but please donate as much or as little as you can. As I said before everyone is welcome so if you can help out a lot and feel the call to do so then please by all means. If you can help out a little then we want you to feel just as important. Above all we just want to see your happy smiling faces out there doing what we all love most and what Scott wishes he could be joining us in. In addition to all of that we are working on some games for everyone, kids rides and a few other things that you’re just going to have to show up for to find out what they’re all about

Everyone I’m speaking for Hodge and all of us here at the Addictive Cycles family when I say that the overflow of care and support that has been shown so far is amazing. It proves just what an amazing community the cycling world is and how we can all come together when a fellow member needs help. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done and will do and we look forward to seeing you all on Nov. 8th!”

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