Critical Mass Halloween 2008 Atlanta

Ugh…I -almost- didn’t make it in time! I live outside the city so I had to fight crazy friday afternoon rush hour / halloween traffic to get into town. I was going solo, but I didn’t want to try and park over near Woodruff, so I parked on Chester sort of near the Krog tunnel and rode from there. I -just- made it…as soon as I got to the park the ride was getting under way.

I was sure the turnout would be pretty good, even though some folks probably opted out due to having a slew of fancy parties to go to. I had my own party right on my bike by way of my -adult beverage in water bottle- solution.  Folks were super festive.

pedal brain injury

satan…I mean santa

I kept wondering whether this BMX bike was Kill Bill girls actual ride, or if she borrowed it for the occasion. Rollerblader guy must have been freakin freezing his ass off, but he was all smiles as usual.

Peachtree TAKEOVER! I think I only heard one negative comment hurled at us from a driver the whole ride. A cop did speed past the group and block off Peachtree at a certain point, so we had to head towards Piedmont park.

At a certain point someone had a blowout and it sounded like we got shot at.

Wish I could have gotten a pic of this dinobiker from the front, but it was a little tough to ride and snap pics at the same time. Plus I was fighting the whole -takes forever for the flash to recharge- thing…

Zorak3000FTW praying mantis looking get up!

Great costume…purple profile hubs for the full WIN!

Cutting through Piedmont was fun…great all downhill path, daaaaaarrrrk.

After we got out of the park we headed through the Highlands into L5P. Lots of folks giving cheers and “Happy Halloweens” through these sections. It was especially cool to see some actual trick or treaters when we were cutting through the neighborhood right outside the park. I don’t know what I would think if I was a little kid and saw a few hundred bikes all blinking and lit up with superheroes and insects driving them. They seemed to dig it.

On the way into L5P, the mass stopped and did a -bike lift- at one of the intersections. I had heard about this but never seen it done before.

This guy on the HighWheeler was going on and on with some sort of political rant about how the US hasn’t had any complete peacetime since the Civil War or something. His conversation sort of seemed to fit the bike in some weird way.

Yeeeeah! The route snaked through L5P, then up Dekalb, and under the Krog St Tunnel. By this time I was pretty sauced from my bevvies, and the Mass was heading right for where I parked. I assume they may have made it to East Atlanta, but I dunno…I dropped off when I got to my car and decided to call it a ride.

You should do every CM you can, but if you only do one all year, the Halloween one should be it, I’m glad I didn’t wuss out…I have to drive like 70 mins to participate, which seems kind of ironic huh?

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