cross bike heavy drop + skatepark

Hit up Duncan Creek for the first time in almost 2 months or so today. Took it easy. Just carved around, did a few airs, a few jumps and actually like 2 sloppy double peg stalls. I wasn’t padded up or anything, and I didn’t feel like going full tilt bonzo or anything. Easing back in as I would say. Wow, I am out of shape. At least I didn’t wreck. Hopefully I can start heading down there routinely again, but I want to split the time with trail riding instead of just BMX all the time.

I love this photo:

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One thought on “cross bike heavy drop + skatepark

  1. Fixup says:

    I like the fact that the camera hasn’t been tilted to make the slope look steeper, unlike some of Seb Rogers’ photos. The proof is in the trees!

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