fall classic

Hit up Gainesville College Trail today. Took a few pics along the way.

The whole trail is covered in leaves. It rained a few nights ago so hey are deceptively dangerous…dry on top, slippery underneath.

The ol Otero Super was in much better form today than last time I rode. I only had one or two problems with the -skipping- that has been occurring when I ramp up the pedal pressure. That made the ride a bit more enjoyable.

The leaves just got deeper and deeper the further back in the woods you went.

I believe it was last August when I had my infamous “wreck into the swamp” that put me out of action for almost a month. It was on the maiden voyage of my Otero…I had the bike for 15 minutes and ended up completely submerged in the muck. The orange fencing you can see in the background now blocks the steep drop I went down just before eating it off the side of the bridge. Now you take a different route, which I call the “Robert Ashton Swamp Wreck Memorial Bypass”.

I can’t afford a super swank bike like the folks on SORBA have, but here is a stereotypical SORBA-like bike vanity shot anyway. Note: I’m STILL running platforms but I’m going to change up to clipless soon…I just wanted to get the shifting issues worked out first…also, how about that big yellow warning sticker on my toy of a fork. Ugh…

This is the tree tunnel part of the trail. One of my favorite parts…very creepy if you are riding as it is getting dark. Oh yeah, I saw THREE deer while riding today.

Gainsville College’s answer to North Shore style elevated wooden obstacles. Ha!

This section of the trail is fun to jump down, but going up SUCKS. Heres the deal…see the two roots crossing horizontally at the top? Yeah well, you need to hit the first root with enough momentum to get your front whel up and considerably past the top root or you will get stuck. It wouldn’t be so bad if this little ravine wasn’t at the top of a decently long uphill section. Well, long for me anyway. I clear this section about 80% of the time, but I dabbed today. Suckin.

Low budget soul rider.

It was a pretty good ride, I’m way happy I went. On the first pass I had the camera and I stopped a lot to get the pics, but on the reverse pass I left the camera and the bookbag in the car and rode straight through.
Time Moving: 1hr 4min 38sec  Distance: 8.07 miles (a little longer than previous years because I am parking at Lanier tech after seeing security booting cars in the G’ville lots)   Average Speed: 7.4mph  Max Speed: 18.4mph

I’m still trying to take it slow, which as you can see is not hard. On the upside though, my average speed is up 3/10ths a mph for my usual 2 pass ride! Yeah man! I won’t go full bore while leaves are on the trail though. Honestly, I am just glad to be riding again.

After the ride I headed over to Addictive Cycles. Hodge was in the place…great to see him out and about. He actually took the time to check out the slop in the rear section of the ‘Goose and determined that I need some brass bushings in both the top and bottom pivot points. I’ll try and get those but I am not holding my breath…something tells me it will be a low priority item at the place I got my bike.  There was some crazy wicked single speed up at Addictive that was only $529…man it was soooo light. I always dig stopping by there.

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2 thoughts on “fall classic

  1. chaddhb says:

    I still need to get up there to ride G’ville with you…and Chicoppee, i dont know how i went all year without making it up there. You should come down and check out Clinton with us, its a cool trail system.

    I rode Clinton with a guy on a single speed 29er, i’ve been slightly obsessed with getting one ever since…some day.

  2. robertashton says:

    i’m trying to get at least somewhat in shape enough to not be a total buzzkill on a group ride. I’m still stung from the whoopin you gave me at Yargo

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