Naked cyclist has nothing to say

“A judge has cleared a Portland, Ore., man of indecent exposure after his June arrest for riding his bicycle naked at nighttime through his neighborhood. The judge ruled that 21-year-old Bobby Hammond’s nude cycling was protected expression. LaBarre talks about why he cycles in the nude.”

I heard the audio for this story on the way home from work today. Bobby comes off like a douchebike, but not so much as NPR does for not getting the point. The first question the interviewer hits Bobby with is “What were you protesting?”, to which he stumbles through a non-answer reply that would rank right up there with that one bumbling teen pageant chick from South Cackilaky. You could tell that he was caught off gaurd, and that suddenly he had to qualify what was most likely a moment of drunken silliness gone awry, and subsequently getting away with it. He DID try to put a little spin on it by saying the whole stunt wasn’t really anti- anything, it was more pro-self expression or some such nonsense.

Dude, you should have just told them the truth. You wanted to ride down the skreet nekkid for the sheer shock value of it, or maybe even not a goal so lofty…maybe you just felt like feeling the cool breeze against your sack.

Don’t get me wrong…even though the interview came off silly, I applaud Bobby for his effort. I double applaud the Portland folks for the organized naked ride they do, which I’m pretty sure is the source of the number one trafficked post of all time here on rideBikes (which WordPress nicely keeps censoring). Hell I’d like to ride naked but believe it, no one wants to witness that.

Anyway, the cool thing about the article/interview is that the judge that ruled on the case basically gave Portland area folks free reign to where as little as they want when riding.

So big ups my northwest brethren. Disrobe, clip in, and try not wreck when riding in the buff.


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