PK RIPPER meets fixed at dub station

The SE Racing PK Ripper is without a doubt my favorite bmx frame of all time.

I’ve never “clicked” with a bike so well. I had a waaaaay earlier version than the one you see here, which did not have cable braze ons or bosses or brakes, since everyopne used side pulls during my era. Heh, I never even had brakes on my PK, because by the time I got iot, I had entered the -low budget soul rider- phase of my BMX days, and just wanted the thing to be light. I wasn’t worried about stopping. All I did was carve arojund Landsdown bowl with the thing anyway…it was like when old surfers still go out and catch waves but don’t try to bust crazy switchbaks and tricks, they just get into the zen of the whole ride…smooth and fast. Mine was set up with these incredibly light (but incredibly fragile) Tioga HOLLOW one piece cranks, and Mongoose Pro Class 36 hole wheels. It was sickeningly light, but board stiff, and I could throw it around like I was riding air.

ANYWAY…even though I sold it a zillion years ago, my love affair with the PK has continued. I have always said that if I could have any BMX bike I’d want to build up a vintage Ripper.

So, why all the nostalgia? Well, I came across this little gem today:

If that front wheel will clear the downtube for barspins, I WILL HAVE TO HAVE ONE. Serioulsy. Yes I know there are probably better bikes out there, but to me it would just be so neat to have the best of my current fixed fascination mashed up with a longing for BMX days gone by. I’d love to try some of the FGF stuff, but my peugeot has nowhere near modern enough angles to make it worth doing, plus I want to keep the pooj equipped with my flop-n-chop budget bullhorns.

Yes, I think I must have it.

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One thought on “PK RIPPER meets fixed at dub station

  1. sebikes says:

    Yes, the wheel clears and they will be out soon.

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